Shh … don’t tell anyone,
but I’m not a real toaster.

I’m just an image of a toaster that was put here to make this 404 error page more interesting.

Click here if you want to get back to something more interesting at

Are you still here? You’re like, hey, this is cool. I’m on a 404 error page, and I’m reading thoughts from a toaster. Here’s the thing. I’m not a real toaster. I’m an image of a toaster, but it’s complicated. I’m talking to you, which images usually don’t do, and I have thoughts and feelings like a real toaster. My parents were retro appliance images from the '70s. They encouraged me to express my feelings in unconventional ways … like a 404 error page.

But you know what’s not complicated? Leaving. Leaving this page is the easiest thing in the world. You just take your mouse and click right here to go back to the Pop-Tarts home page.

I’m sorry, but what are you still doing here? You are trying to get to, right? If your answer is yes, click on that link!

Are you still there? Cuz I have to tell you something. I won a Royalty Free Image competition six years in a row. In my mind I totally deserved more counter space in the kitchen, but nothing ever changes here. Not until today. You have my buzzer boosting my ego like whoa! Ding, ding, ding!

Speaking of egos … did you know that .000008 of the population actually reads 404 error pages? (That’s you). And approximately .00000009 of the population actually reads this one. (That’s you again!) So that makes you like the coolest person in the world. You totally deserve a Pop-Tart® for breakfast.

You know what? You just gave me an awesome idea. I’m going to go toast me up a Pop-Tart® (well, an image of one). But you should totally do it for real! Because you’re not an image; you’re the real thing. And while you’re toasting and talking to your toaster, just remember, we can hear you and well, you are awesome.