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Fan Favorite Pop-Tarts

Pop-Tarts® FAQ

Pop-Tarts® is a toaster pastry made with sweet filling sealed inside two thin, rectangular pastry crust layers. Many of our toaster pastries are frosted for added deliciousness. Pop-Tarts® can be enjoyed right out of the box or heated up.

Looking to enjoy the taste of Pop-Tarts® on the go? Mini Pop-Tarts® Bites are perfect for snacking anytime, anywhere!

Pop-Tarts® was invented in 1963 when Kellogg chairman William E. LaMothe, a.k.a Bill, had a vision. A vision of transforming a delicious breakfast into a toaster-ready rectangle that could go anywhere. So he hit up “Doc” Joe Thompson, and his kitchen crew to create an ingenious hack on toast and jam. It was called “Fruit Scone.” But that sounded terrible. So we took inspiration from the Pop Culture movement of the day and renamed it “Pop-Tarts".

Pop-Tarts® first became available in four flavors: strawberry, blueberry, apple currant, and brown sugar. Today, there are dozens of flavors and varieties for all to enjoy! We recommend visiting our All Flavors pages to find your favorites!

Our flavor library is always changing, so be sure to check back on our All Flavors page for the latest line-up of Pop-Tarts®!

Every Pop-Tarts® flavor has a tasty combination of ingredients that make them fun and unique. Be sure to check out the ingredient label on the packaging or visit the product page on our site for specific ingredients.

We do not label most of our foods vegetarian or vegan because there are varying definitions for the term "Vegetarian."

  • Vegetarians may or may not choose to eat poultry, fish, dairy products, or eggs.
  • Some vegans accept honey while others do not.

Therefore, we encourage you to review the ingredient label to determine if specific foods meet your individual needs.

At this time, no Pop-Tarts® products sold in the United States or Canada are certified as Halal.

Yes! Pop-Tarts® can be safely microwaved. First, place the Pop-Tarts® on a microwave-safe plate. Second, heat for 3 seconds at a time until warm enough. Lastly, let them cool before eating. For additional Pop-Tarts® preparation methods, refer to our product packaging or visit Prep Instructions Page for more information.

Yes! Our fans love to put butter on their Pop-Tarts®, which many say creates a whole new level of mouthwatering flavor.