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wrapped Pop Tarts

The Whole Frostin’ Truth

People think they know the history of Pop-Tarts, but the frostin’ fact of the matter is, they weren’t there. It’s true. Others may have attempted the art of the toaster pastry, but only one perfected it.

So come for the throne if you want. But with close to 100 unexpected flavors under our flaky crust and over five decades in the game, we’ll continue to change the world one blue box at a time.

vintage Pop Tarts advertisements

Scroll to get the TRUE story of Pop-Tarts quest for Crazy Good.

In the beginning …

Kellogg chairman William E. LaMothe, a.k.a Bill, had a vision. A vision of transforming a delicious breakfast into a toaster-ready rectangle that could go anywhere. So he hit up “Doc” Joe Thompson, and his kitchen crew to create an ingenious hack on toast and jam.

It was called “Fruit Scone.” But that sounded terrible. So we took inspiration from the Pop Culture movement of the day and renamed it “Pop-Tarts.”

vintage Pop Tarts advertisements

The Ohio Players

Cleveland, Ohio, hit the world with the orig Fab Four when we released our four original flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon & Apple-Currant.

Since literally no one has ever seen a currant, we dropped that flavor. Years later it came back as the fan favorite Apple Pop-Tarts.

the united states overlaid with a Pop Tarts pattern


Pop-Tarts were too big for one city to hold. So after a year at the center of the Pop-Tartsiverse, Cleveland shared the love with the rest of the country and went back to just being a dope Ohio spot.

close-up of pop tart frosting

Pop-Tarts Get Icy

The year we cracked how to deck Pop-Tarts toaster pastries out in frosting that kept its cool when toasted.

cool frosting technology

close-up of pop tart sprinkles

Time to Shine

The latest stop at innovation station was the introduction of “Sugar Sparkled Frosting.” You know ‘em better as sprinkles!

 Milton the Toaster, a Pop Tarts mascot

The Spokestoaster

Kellogg was looking for the perfect mascot to rally our fans so they introduced Milton the Toaster! While his star shined bright, he didn’t last long.

variety of Pop Tarts

Sweet 19

Over the years, our world-changing frosted poems to snacking, grew from four delicious flavors to the sweet addition of 19. The glow-up was real!

1980s design motifs with 1980s era Pop Tarts packages

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Our frosted icons became so popular that 6 in a box just wasn’t enough anymore. So what did we do? We hit ‘em with 12. Boom. Then 24. Boom.

Pop Tarts Crunch cereal

The Cereal the World Deserved

Word on the street was people were breaking their Pop-Tarts toaster pastries into pieces and eating them with milk. So we decided to release a cereal toasted to perfection and true to its taste. Boom.

early-2000s pop tarts ads

The Tastiest Tagline

“Crazy Good” was developed as an ode to the new generation’s passion for Pop-Tarts. Before we knew it, everyone was using the phrase.

memes printed on Pop Tarts including a grumpy dog with the word fail, an upside-down christmas tree, and a lemon with sunglasses

Voraciously Devoured Visuals

From the logos of your favorite sports teams to copyrighted characters whose names we can no longer actually use, our next innovation of printed fun frosting Pop-Tarts really was a sight to behold.

fireworks , 50th birthday numbers

50 and Frostin’ Fabulous

Half a century in the game and still shaking things up! It was an anniversary to remember, and a signal to our fans that we’re nowhere near slowing down.

Pop Tarts Bites pattern

Tiny Bites, Massive Taste

Pop-Tarts were already amazing, but what if you could hold more in your hand? Problem solved. Don’t be fooled by these snackable Pop-Tarts Bites. They may be tiny, but they’re packed with big-flavor energy.

Pop Tarts Agents of Crazy Good


Like all Pop-Tarts, they’re baked with one purpose: To challenge expectations with sweet frosting and delicious filling.

They don’t just wanna be eaten, they LIVE for it.

Morningtime, snacktime, whatevertime—whenever craving calls, they’ll be there to put their crusts on the line.

Secret Safe with mystery Pop Tarts

What’s Poppin Now

You never know what will come out of our test kitchen. Perhaps Pop-Tarts that toast themselves? A PB&J flavor cut into triangles like mom used to make? If our past has taught anything, it’s that in a world hungry for the unexpected, we’ll keep challenging conventions with Crazy Good!