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Pop-Tarts on a blue background

Our Story

Pop-Tarts® would challenge convention with Crazy Good.

When you look at a Pop-Tarts® Toaster Pastry, you’re seeing more than just a sweet, toaster-ready rectangle of deliciousness. You’re seeing a beacon of ingenuity. A tiny, edible monument to subverting the norm. And the CRAZY GOOD, sprinkle-covered answer to what Pop-Tarts® would do when faced with the expected.

Because challenging everyday expectations is our toast and jam. In fact, when we first saw toast and jam we said, “Let’s turn this mofo inside out and cover it with frosting.”

Through the years we’ve put our ingenious twist on dozens of familiar flavors, creating a hot fudge sundae you can put in your backpack, a strawberry milkshake that fits in your pocket and even bite-sized Pop-Tarts® you can enjoy pretty much anywhere. So if you’re looking to take a bite out of life, you can start by taking one out of Pop-Tarts®.


Preparation Instructions

There's a word for people who eat untoasted Pop-Tarts®: Renegades.

Fully baked & ready to eat! Or heat. Or freeze. Or stack...

Remove from foil before heating.

For Microwave:
1. Put on microwave safe plate.
2. Heat 3 seconds at a time until warm enough.
3. Let cool before eating.

For Toaster:
1. Toast on lowest setting.
2. Let cool before eating.

For Freezer:
1. Put pouch in freezer.
2. Wait 20 minutes.
3. Enjoy that frosty goodness.

CAUTION: If pastry is overheated, frosting/filling can become extremely hot and could cause burns. Due to possible risk of fire, never leave appliance unattended while in use. Children should be supervised. Appliances vary. Be sure your appliance is clean and functioning correctly. Times given are approximate.